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What is an Electronic Cigarette?
E-cigarettes are electronic devices that vaporize nicotine, water, and flavor to simulate the feel and look of cigarettes. Unlike nicotine gum or the nicotine patch, the e-cigarette actually functions much like a regular cigarette. However rather than burning and smoking, it vaporizes a solution that contains nicotine. The nicotine is still delivered to the lungs, but in vapor form, rather than smoke which contains carcinogens and tar.

What's Inside an Ecig?
Each E-Cigarette has a battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge. The cartridge (Cart) is filled with a liquid nicotine solution. When you inhale, the atomizer is activated, which causes it to heat up and vaporize the liquid containing nicotine. The result is a odorless smoking experience coupled with the taste of tobacco or many other flavours available.

Cartridges Cartomizers Carts
The filter looking section of the ecig is the part of an ecig where the liquid, nicotine and atomizer reside. they are called cartridges, customizers or carts. There are many flavours available including several tobacco styles and then novelty types like coffee, chocolate and vanilla. You can also get them in different colours. A cartridge is equal to approximately 20 tobacco cigarettes and is easily replaced when the flavor begins to diminish. When you screw on a new cartridge you only have to dispose of one cigarette butt rather than 20.

Where can I use it?
All of the Australian states prohibit tobacco smoking in public areas. The laws are put in place to stop innocent people being exposed to second hand smoke. This is not the case for electronic cigarettes. As an e cig has no smoke, just water vapour, it poses no risk to the people around you. It also has no smell or lingering mist. It would be common sense to expect people to ask you to stop smoking if they see you with an e cig although a quick explanation of the device showing how it unscrews and that it is just like a nebuliser or asthma inhaler usually sets their minds at rest and then often engages their curiosity. It’s good manners to ask permission to use your e cig when in a private property like a friend’s car, restaurant or club. Even after explaining your safe cigarette many people are still not sure how to handle it. Better to say ok than to argue until electronic cigarettes are more widely understood and accepted. You could always refer them to this site, or ask us for handy information cards that you can give to anyone interested to know more.

Will it harm others?
E cigs only emit a water vapour just like mist from a nebuliser or asthma inhaler with no harmful effects. There is no second hand smoke, no lingering mist and no smell to affect the people around you.

Types, Styles and Brands?
There are literally hundreds of designs available on the market with a new company opening almost every day. Different, lengths, colours, flavours and levels of nicotine. The many choices available to Australia have come down to my short list of the best e cigs above.

Batteries and chargers
The white or long section of an e cigarette is the battery. Different brands have different charging times and lasts different lengths of time. You can also get them in different colours. Please see my reviews of the best e cigs for battery performance. When the battery runs down you just recharge it and replace with your spare charged battery. The batteries can be charged in a wall charger via USB, a USB charger to your PC, a car charger and some brands have packet chargers.

How fast can I get them?
The fear is that when you buy from overseas it will take a long time to arrive in Australia. Well that's not the case anymore. In my research I purchased from several different countries countless orders of Ecig kits, batteries, cartridges and chargers. Some did take weeks and one took over a month although the ones I recommend on this site arrived in less than a week and that was for a rural area. They were in my hands in as few as three days and at most seven. In deciding on the best Ecigs to recommend on this site I chose from quality products, customer service, price and speed of delivery to my door. It's worth the extra dollars when ordering to pay express as this will give you the opportunity to track the shipment all the way to your door. When you have chosen your brand remember to allow for these few days delivery so you don't ever run out of cartridges. You don’t want to go back to those cancer causing tobacco cigarettes ever again. The best e cig brands I have chosen here also provide real time customer support via a chat service early in the morning and late in the evening if you have any questions.

Two or three piece design?
There are 2 piece and 3 piece designs. Our research has found that the 2 piece design is the most popular. The simple 2 piece design is composed of a battery and cartridge/atomizer. The three piece design has a battery, atomiser and cartridge.

Nicotine Levels?
The nicotine level in each e cigarette gives you the satisfaction of delivering your addiction need without any of the harmful effects of tobacco smoking. Each brand have a choice of nicotine level that is equivalent to the differing strengths of tobacco cigarettes. For each brand’s definition of nicotine level see my reviews in the The Best e cigs on this site. For a guide, see below.

Generally speaking, electronic cigarette cartridges are available in four different nicotine strengths, which include:

No Nicotine – contains 0 milligrams (mg) of nicotine per cartridge (cartomizer/cart). For those who simply enjoy the act of smoking but don't crave nicotine
Light – contains 4-8 mg of nicotine per cartridge. Satisfying for light and casual smokers…roughly equivalent to a Winfield Ultra Light
Medium – contains 10-14 mg of nicotine per cartridge. Satisfying for light and medium smokers…roughly equivalent to a Winfield Blue.
Full – contains 16-24 mg of nicotine per cartridge. Satisfying for heavy smokers…roughly equivalent to a Winfield Red.

Is it smoke I am seeing?
No, it is just water vapour just like the mist you see coming from a nebuliser or asthma inhaler. The way the e cig is designed is to create enough vapour per drag/puff to give you a throat hit just like a real tobacco cigarette without any of the harmful effects.

Why cant I buy ones with nicotine in Australia?
Australia is one a very few countries in the world that does not allow the sale of electronic cigarettes with nicotine in them. The good news is that with the explosion of internet sales from overseas delivery times are faster than they have ever been. With the Australian dollar being on par with the U.S. the prices are at their lowest is decades. You can buy, have delivered and enjoy an e cig within a few days of order for so much less than a tobacco cigarette. Please be aware that the other e cig websites you see based in Australia or the electronic cigarettes you see for sale in Australian shops do NOT have nicotine. If you want your nicotine but don't want to inhale over 4000 chemicals including 40 cancer causing ones the Australian government says you have to buy them from overseas. For the satisfaction and safety of getting your nicotine just like a patch or gum but in the same manner you are used to, it has to be from another country. Check our Australian Laws tab for more information.

How much do they cost?
The prices for e cigs varies greatly between brands although all are incredibly less than tobacco cigarettes. The savings range from 50 to 70% less than tobacco cigarettes and that includes shipping costs. One single cartridge is equivalent 300 drags or puffs which is equal to one packet of 20 cigarettes making an average of $3 per packet of Australian tobacco smokes! Each brand has a starter kit available to help you test their product. The kits for the best e cigs are between $59 and $89. They all contain at least one battery, some cartridges and a charging kit. I suggest grabbing an extra battery to charge for when you are using the other. Also getting a sampler pack of different flavours will help you although starting with a tobacco flavoured one will likely be easier for you to ease into the change. Once you have chosen your brand from the best e cigs available to Australia you will only need to buy replacements cartridges making the whole process even cheaper.

Does it have cancer causing chemicals?
Tobacco cigarettes have over 4000 chemical including 40 carcinogenic (cancer causing) ones. An electronic cigarette has none of these. There is still debate around the health effects of nicotine, some saying it is as harmless as a cup of coffee. What you can be sure of is that choosing an electronic cigarette in place of a tobacco cigarette is by far a tremendously healthier choice for you and the people around you.

What is VG and PG when talking about Ecigs?
The liquid in an e cig cartridge is a mixture of varying amounts of about 4 different ingredients. Water, nicotine, PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerine) and flavouring. 1. PG or propylene glycol or propane-1,2, diol PG (propylene glycol),

VG (vegetable glycerin)

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