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Buying Your First Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

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Getting started

One of the most daunting challenges about changing to ecigs is knowing where to start. Starter Kits for e cigarettes contain everything a first time user needs to get up and running. This includes battery chargers, batteries and usually cartridges with nicotine. If you’re new to the world of electronic cigarettes than an e-cigs starter kit will provide you will everything you need at the best price.

The brands that we recommend all have a terrific selection of ecig starter kits for you to choose from. Most offer starter kits for standard electronic cigarettes with nicotine, whilst others go even further and have ecig mods starter kits available. It’s worth taking the time to check out the selections available.

Those looking for real choice can’t go past the Vaporfi starter kit range (read their descriptions carefully for kit content!) and V2 starter kits are very high quality and popular. Halo starter kits provide a simple starting option. Those looking to step up from standard electronic cigarettes with nicotine to ecig mods will love the South Beach starter kits. They make the switch up effortless and easy to understand plus you get the flexibility to build your own model.


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