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ECig Mods Australia

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Like any technology developed to improve wellbeing, electronic cigarettes are always being updated. Ecig mods are an example of this innovation. Often, when users have successfully made the switch to electronic cigarettes, and are comfortable using their devices they begin to look for something more from their vaping experience. Standard e-cigarettes that may resemble traditional smokes are simply no longer enough. Enter the world of electronic cigarette modifications.

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Why upgrade to an e-cigarette mod?

Ecig mods provide more features than a standard electronic cigarette. Today, there are thousands of brands and models available, and users tend to make the switch because of three main reasons:

  • A longer battery life. Most standard ecigs have a battery that will last on average around two hours before it needs to be recharged. Some ecig mods use a battery that can go all day without needing to be charged.
  • A greater range of flavours. Rather than being restricted to one brand’s selection of flavours and cartomizer strengths, a mod provides the vaper (smoker) the freedom to choose from a vast range of flavours and corresponding nicotine strengths. In fact, it’s possible to purchase your device from one company and juice from another!
  • High vape volumes. Regular ecig smokers know that one of the reasons users switch to electronic cigarettes is because the feeling of exhaling smoke (or rather, water vapour) simulates the traditional smoking experience. Well, mods increase that level of satisfaction tenfold! Often, the amount of vapour that is generated from an ecig mod is significantly more than a standard e-cigarette, and the much loved ‘throat hit’ is noticeably more satisfying.
Can I buy ecig mods in Australia?

Of course, ecig mods are regulated under the same Australian laws as standard e-cigarettes, and you can read more about that here.

Keeping with our tradition of researching the brands available to Australians, we’re proud to share with you our recommendation regarding the best ecig mods available to Australians.

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We’re excited to be able to make the world of ecig mods available to our Australia customers, and we hope you join us on this journey of an enhanced electronic cigarette experience.

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