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Dedicated vapers realise that using ecig mods, or refillable electronic cigarette cartridges opens up a whole world of flavours and e-juices with nicotine. No longer bound by the offerings of one particular brand, e-juices are offered by electronic cigarette brands all over the world, and Safe Smoke is proud to share with you the ones we feel are the best.

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Why switch to e-juice?

Savvy electronic cigarette users know that making the switch to ecigs with nicotine provides significant financial savings. Using e-juice to refill a mod or cartomizer makes that saving even more significant. Aside from helping your hip pocket, using e-juice provides vapers with a range of benefits:

  • Usually, the purchase of an e-juice bottle will last even longer than traditional electronic cigarette cartridges.
  • A greater range of flavours. Rather than being restricted to one brand’s selection of flavours and cartomizer strengths, e-juices provides the vaper (smoker) the freedom to choose from a vast range of flavours and corresponding nicotine strengths. In fact, it’s possible to purchase your e-cigarettes or ecig mods  from one company and juice from another!
  • High quality products are available. You’ll find that many of the brands we recommend here at Safe Smoke provide e-juice that they make locally in their country of origin.  Most are put through a rigorous certification process, and many are hand made in either the USA or UK. Some suppliers even allow you to make your own recipe to order!


What’s in them?

Unlike traditional cigarettes with over 4000 harmful chemicals in every puff, e-juices contain very minimal ingredients. They use either vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol (or a mixture of both) to be the carrier for the nicotine strength you prefer to use. Of course, each has their own particular flavours added too. Learn more about the ingredients of e-juice in this video:

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 When making the switch to e-juice taste would be paramount in the vaping experience. All of the brands we recommend here have terrific smoke volumes and throat-hit too. Remember to store your e-juice at room temperature, and always keep them away from children.

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