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Halo: big surprises packed into small packages

Every single experience we have with a Halo product is a delight. Stylish packaging presents understated elegance and quality with every single Halo product and we’re excited to recommend them to you. We think you’ll be surprised at just what you get when you choose Halo electronic cigarettes.

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At a glance

  • Express shipping to Australia available.
  • Easy payment options.
  • Very high quality product at affordable prices.
  • Great range of e-juice and flavours available.
  • Very specific tobacco flavour choices available.
  • Stylish mod range available.


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Why Halo?

We would consider this brand the black sheep of our recommended brands. This is a niche company based in New Jersey, USA and all of their products are stylish and very well made. If you’re after reliability, we suggest checking out Halo.


Check out Halo starter kits

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Halo vape quality

Not only does a Halo electronic cigarette or ecig mod feel weighty to hold, they come in a range of colours making them a fashionable accessory. Beyond presentation, the Halo range delivers very high vapour quality coupled with that familiar and expected throat hit with every inhale. As a boutique USA brand, all their e-liquids are manufactured in the USA to exacting FDA standards. Your gurantee of quality every time.


Halo rewards

Make sure you register for the Halo rewards program because it’s a great way to get free e-liquids. Everyone loves a freebie!

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