No tar or nasties

There’s no tobacco or tar in e cigs. In addition, you won’t find a cocktail of chemicals inside an e cigarette either.

No withdrawals

It’s possible to purchase e cigs with the same nicotine level as your current traditional smoke! Avoid the stress of withdrawal when you make the switch.

No smell or stains

Sick of smelling like an ashtray? E cigs are odourless. Keep your house, car and clothes smelling fresh. No more yellow fingers either!


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Electronic cigarettes with nicotine feel the same, look the same and taste the same as the cigarettes you currently smoke with some major differences…they are much cheaper and so much healthier for you and the people around you! You can continue to smoke with all of your cravings fulfilled without any of the harmful effects. This site provides e cigarette reviews on all the best, most popular e cigs with nicotine. They are fast becoming the choice of smokers all over the world who want the satisfaction of smoking without the negatives associated with traditional smokes. Many who make the switch believe that e cigarettes provide safer smoking alternatives that cannot be ignored.

What are the best e cigarettes in Australia?

We created this site, Safe Smoke, to give Australians access to e cigarette reviews and current information about using e cigs Australia wide. We have spent many hours researching the internet extensively, read countless reviews, watched hundreds of videos and spent thousands of dollars testing different brands and put it all in one place for you, so you can find out about the best electronic cigarettes. Our e cig reviews also demonstrate that making the change to e cigarettes with nicotine is in fact a lot cheaper than buying tobacco smokes, a huge draw for many people! Many people ask us, can you buy electronic cigarettes in Australia? We answer that, and many more questions here!

Making the most of your time here

When you have finished your time here you will have answered two key questions: Will I change to e cigs? And if you say ‘yes’, what brand? If you are new to e cigarettes, start your journey with ‘About e cigs‘ and end with ‘The Best‘. If you are already a convert, you may want to buy e-cigs immediately, so head straight to our ‘buy now‘ page. If you want a healthier life, are sick of being a social leper and want to save money then you owe it to yourself to spend some time here learning about this new way to smoke in Australia. Enjoy!

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